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About PPC marketing?

If you’re reading this you’re probably curious about paid search or looking to implement it in your business strategy. Whatever the case you’re in the right place!

It’s pretty easy to blow up tons of hard cash on failing schemes in the world of internet advertising if you have no idea what you’re doing. At 011 Digital, we have paid search experts that can help you get the most out of your investments within budget and in a reasonable time frame. Still clueless about what PPC is about?

PPC is an acronym that stands for pay-per-click. It refers to an advertising model that allows marketers to pay a fee each time any of their ads are clicked on.


The fantastic thing about PPC is that you always have the option to show your ad to only your targeted audience.


This makes it a thoroughly effective method of gaining site visits because your products or services will only be seen by those who genuinely care about buying them.

If you’re remotely familiar with PPC, your brain is likely prompting Google, Yahoo, Safari, Bing perhaps, or even Baidu Ads.


Which is correct.


But social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, and even Reddit can serve you very well on ads that have been clicked.


Social media comes with a ton of perks that you don’t naturally get with search engines. The first is that you can easily test your marketing message to see if it’ll get engagement. If not, you’ll know something has to be tweaked.


Some amount of organic activity immediately affirms that you can use PPC services to spruce up the attention a particular marketing message is getting.


And just like that, you can litmus test your need for pay-per-click strategies in your business without spending a dime!


PPC will also help you assess which of these social platforms is a sustainable and lucrative growth generator for your business.


You’ll be stunned at how many huge e-commerce businesses have been built and sustained on PPC marketing alone.

PPC has a variety of benefits that are irresistibly compelling. This is the gold of the matter if you’re trying to convince your boss or clients of the value of Google Ads or whichever channel you’ve chosen to go with.


For starters :


  • You only advertise to people who are actively searching for a business like yours
  • You reach the right people at the right time
  • You only pay when people click on the ads
  • Advertisements can be both local and global
  • It drives immediate results
  • There is a quick entry
  • You’re in full control of how much you spend on advertisements.


PPC is continuously transforming the state of millions of businesses all across the globe. Without this tool, you’re likely losing out on valuable site traffic and conversions.


To thoroughly put across a powerful case here are a few more strong benefits to mention:

Set business goals are the guiding vehicle to better sales and more clients. PPC can get both in one go! Or rather one click.


Whether these goals are high end such as brand exposure or simply though leadership, PPC will get the job done for you.


If you’re about data collection for later use then don’t fret, all of these are being collected as your ads are running.


This means you can easily track conversions from website visits till the end of the buyer’s journey which is where a sale is made.

We absolutely cannot dispute the importance of data in this age. Data collected can be used decades later into the business or to fulfill short term business goals.


With PPC you don’t have to worry about data not getting lost or not being gathered at all.


From Impressions, clicks, and conversion data, a kick-ass keyword and SEO strategy can be formulated to complement content marketing efforts.

If this point had already been mentioned then we’re doing it twice! PPC is such an efficient tool because you’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ads. This means it brings in good value for money because you ultimately decide how much you’re willing to spend on PPC ads.

Why work with 011 Digital?

Paid search is a progressively competitive and ever-changing landscape. This makes the creation of the right ad additionally tougher.

The critical question to answer is: Are you able to compete? Partner with the professional PPC management team here at 011 Digital.

Based in Harare and Johannesburg, our paid search team has expertise in operational PPC  campaigns across a variety of industries. Our PPC specialists are well versed in operating across a number of the globe’s most difficult sectors.

This allows 011 Digital to stay versatile and artistic, guaranteeing you immense pleasure from tangible results for their paid search campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising is a wonderful promoting avenue to expand conversions and improve ROI, coupled with minimizing ad pay. We have the experience to manage pay-per-click campaigns for all sized businesses.

Through artistic practices, industry expertise and innovative technology, we user-centric campaigns with machine learning to deliver the most effective results for your business.

When you partner with 011 Digital for your PPC advertising, rest assured that you’re operating with the best PPC services analysts.

Recent PPC marketing Testimonials

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Believe it or not. 011 digital over marketed us. In a way that we failed to manage the traffic 011 digital was sending to our site. Out of 10 emails we managed to reply only to 1. The product was good but the company had no capacity to grow at the same rate with our marketing. And hellopeter.com was filled with bad reviews. As a result we had to close doors. I do recommend 011 digital as the best marketing company I have come across.
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We approached 011 digital in 2013. We were having around 15 clients who where giving us around R15 000 in profits which was not enough. As we wanted to grow our clientele basis. And profits. 011 digital managed to rank us first on our main keywords including "calendar printing". From 15 clients we went up to 67 clients including the foot brand Footgear. Our profits raised from R11 000 per month to 357 000 per month in 2 years. From October to January we are now making R3m on average in gross sales. All thanks to 011 digital.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee
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We were ranking around around 99. And our visibility was less than 1% in the printing industry. And now we are ranking 1st on almost every keyword in printing. I will forever grateful to 011 digital. And will always recommend you guys to my friends as long as they are not in printing.

PPC marketing Packages

Small Business


Guaranteed results

R3000 R 2499
  • 10 keywords
  • 10 pages / products
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics setup
  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization
  • Local marketing
  • 5 guaranteed 1st page
    ranking keywords
  • 1 blog post /m
Special offer


Guaranteed results

R8000 R 4999
  • 20 keywords
  • 20 pages / products
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics setup
  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization
  • Local marketing
  • 10 guaranteed 1st page
    ranking keywords
  • 2 blog posts /m
Hot! Hot!


Guaranteed results

R13000 R 8999
  • 30 keywords
  • 30 pages / products
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics setup
  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization
  • Local marketing
  • 15 guaranteed 1st page
    ranking keywords
  • 3 blog posts /m
Special offer


Guaranteed results

R26000 R 17999
  • 40 keywords
  • 40 pages / products
  • Monthly reports
  • Analytics setup
  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization
  • Local marketing
  • 20 guaranteed 1st page
    ranking keywords
  • 4 blog posts /m
Special offer

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