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About Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data and using computer-based tools to identify patterns, trends, and associations. Many different techniques can be used to gather and analyze data but you must find a method that works best for the data you’re trying to collect and analyze.

Data analytics is critical for measuring your success on your blog. You can use data analytics to see what your readers like, what they don’t like, where they come from, and what they’re interested in.

Data analytics are important because you can use them to find out what people are doing on your website. You can check which pages they’re spending the most time on, what they’re reading the most, and what they’re buying.  By using analytics tools, you gain access to data that can help you develop a better understanding of your customers.

Data analytics is a really important marketing tool because it allows you to see where your customers are coming from and gives you insight into what they’re looking for. If you can see what people are searching for related to your industry and business, you can optimize your content to ensure that you’re offering them exactly what they want.

Data analytics can help you understand your customers and their needs, which will help you better target your marketing and advertising.

Data analytics is important because it allows you to see what is working and what isn’t working. It also helps you to see what your audience is looking for and which areas of your business require your attention.

Here at 011digital believes that Data Analytics is a way of better understanding your business, your customers, and your industry.

If you are looking for a data analyst, it’s important to make sure you are looking at the right indicators. You want to look for somebody who has a clear understanding of the problem and what the goal is. They should be able to identify the right metrics and set up a system to track them over time.

A good data analyst should be able to handle and manipulate large amounts of data and to find insights in that data that will help the company make better decisions.

A good data analyst will work with coders and designers to ensure that the insights they’ve found can be implemented into the company’s products.

A good data analyst knows how to ask the right questions and is willing to ask the questions even when they might seem a little bit uncomfortable. They are willing to do the work and they can deliver on whatever promise they make.

A good analyst can take data, that they’ve worked so hard to acquire, and present it in a way that’s easily digestible for those who may not be data-savvy. They can present it in a way that’s true to the data and is clean and efficient.

A good data analyst is curious, observant, and a good listener. A good analyst is always asking questions about a problem and how it can be solved and is excited about the answers that come up in response to them.

In short a good analyst,

  • Must have an analytical mind
  • Must be able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Must be a quick learner
  • Must be able to communicate clearly
  • Must be a people person
  • Must be able to work well in a team
  • Must be able to manage multiple projects
  • Must be able to work independently

011 Digital has a group of good data analysts who can provide you with the best possible data and analysis about your market, your business, and your target audience.

011digital is a data analytics company that offers data-driven digital marketing solutions for small businesses and enterprises. Good data analysts are the cornerstone of  011digital data analytics agency,

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Recent Testimonials

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Believe it or not. 011 digital over marketed us. In a way that we failed to manage the traffic 011 digital was sending to our site. Out of 10 emails we managed to reply only to 1. The product was good but the company had no capacity to grow at the same rate with our marketing. And hellopeter.com was filled with bad reviews. As a result we had to close doors. I do recommend 011 digital as the best marketing company I have come across.
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We approached 011 digital in 2013. We were having around 15 clients who where giving us around R15 000 in profits which was not enough. As we wanted to grow our clientele basis. And profits. 011 digital managed to rank us first on our main keywords including "calendar printing". From 15 clients we went up to 67 clients including the foot brand Footgear. Our profits raised from R11 000 per month to 357 000 per month in 2 years. From October to January we are now making R3m on average in gross sales. All thanks to 011 digital.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee
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We were ranking around around 99. And our visibility was less than 1% in the printing industry. And now we are ranking 1st on almost every keyword in printing. I will forever grateful to 011 digital. And will always recommend you guys to my friends as long as they are not in printing.

Why choose 011 digital?

011 Digital is a data analytics company offering reliable data analytics services. They work on a range of projects from strategic data analysis to short-term tactical projects. Their clients vary from global brands to small start-ups, from the public sector to not-for-profits, and from multinationals to local businesses.

It’s not just for businesses anymore. Now it’s time to start using data analytics to meet the changing needs of your business.

011digital is a direct-to-consumer data analytics company. They provide information and analysis to businesses of all sizes.


011digital is a data analytics company that helps businesses turn their data into information that will help them make smarter decisions. They collect and analyze data from a wide variety of sources, including social media, online surveys, and our proprietary data.

011 Digital provides local data analytics services for brands who want to understand their customers better. They offer data-driven insights and analysis that will help brands better understand their customers and their behaviors. They work with brands to help them understand their markets, and their customers better.

011 Digital helps businesses to make sense of the data that they have and help them to understand their customers better so that they can serve them better.

011 Digital offers affordable data analytics services to help clients better understand their audiences, better target their campaigns, and to better communicate with their customers.

011 Digital offers affordable data analytics services for small business owners looking to enhance their business. 011digital can help you to identify how your business is performing and how you can improve it with data analytics. 011digital offers affordable data analytics services to businesses of all sizes including online businesses and brick and mortar businesses.

Data Analytics is all about understanding the world around us. Through analyzing data, you can come to understand the patterns and relationships that exist in our world.

Who data analytics is for?

Data Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses are using analytics to make more informed decisions and to plan ahead. It helps businesses to uncover opportunities which are visible only through an analytical lens. Analytics helps companies to decipher trends, patterns and relationships within data to explain, predict and react to a market phenomenon. It helps answer the following questions:

  • What is happening and what will happen?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What is the best strategy to address it?

Collecting large amounts of data about multiple business functions from internal and external sources is simple and easy using today’s advanced technologies. The real challenge begins, when companies struggle to infer useful insights from this data to plan for future. Using analytics businesses can improve their processes, increase profitability, reduce operating expenses and sustain the competitive edge for the longer run.

A typical analytics project or engagement is generally divided into the following four stages:

    • Stage 1 – ‘Research’ where the analyst helps to identify and understand the problems and issues that the business is facing or would be encountering in the future. At this step there is significant interaction between the management team and analysts.
    • Stage 2 – ‘Plan’ where the analyst helps decide what type of data is required, sources from which the data is to be procured, how the data needs to be prepared for use and what methods to be used for analysis.
    • Stage 3 – ‘Execute’ where the analyst explores and analyzes data from various angles. The analysis paves way to interesting results that are shared with the management. Based on these results, strategies are formulated to tackle the problems identified in stage 1.
    • Stage 4 – ‘Evaluate’ where the analyst measures the results of the strategies formulated and executed. This stage helps learn and revise future strategies and processes.

A strategy built using analytics is a set of simple implementable recommendations that efficiently uses the information drawn from the data. An effective and efficient strategy suggests best use of the available business resources.

It helps to find solutions for some of the biggest problems faced by the company. The process followed to formulate the strategy might be complex, but the final result is actionable and useful for management.

The resources and time required for an analytics project is dependent on a number of factors. The major factors being the scope and scale of the project, readiness and availability of required data, understanding of the analysis tools, skills and knowledge of the analytical team and most importantly, acceptance and approval from the management team to carry on the analytics project.

The analytics team generally defines a project timeline dependent on the factors listed above. Intermediary findings and analysis difficulties might alter the goals and objectives of the project. This might require the team to re-work the time and resources required for completing the project.

011 Digital would be happy to provide you an estimate of the resources required to complete the analytics project and goals that you have in mind for your organization. Please contact us with details of your project.

Data is the most important resource for any analytics project hence the business should make sure that it captures its business and customer data in a structured manner. This will ensure that company has all the relevant data in the most usable form and can help the project move along quickly.

Delays in analytics projects generally take place when the data rendered to the analytical team is not usable in its current form. The data needs to be structured, cleaned and mined to make it usable. This step can take from hours to days to months depending upon the size and form of data.

011 Digital would be happy to talk to you more about the state of your data and more specifically how ‘ready’ it is for analysis projects. Please contact us with details of your project.

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