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Digital marketing agency with guaranteed results. 100% money back,
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Even though we have satisfied 97% of our clients. Ranked thousands keywords. Our services can not be guaranteed. But we can guarantee that no results, no payment.

100% Money

Since we started we have delivered 97% of all our promises. If you become part of the 3%. We will pay you back 100% of the money you paid no question asked.

& Qualified

We are a family of 356 experienced and qualified specialists from almost every race. Divided into 23 departments to specialize in one department to maximize results


011 digital


011 digital is a digital marketing agency that focuses on connecting you to the next level. A bridge between where you want to go and where you are right now. Whether your company is in the prime of its development or still an SME, we work with both quite efficiently.

Our services include local marketing which puts you on the local map in order to rank high for your services and products. Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC (Pay per click), copywriting and conversion rate optimization are just some of the plethora of services we have on offer. It’s absolutely important that you partner with an agency you can trust that already has a proven record in delivering fantastic results.

We know what works and what Doesn’t

Having probably worked with a firm such as yours, we know different methods that will work for your type of needs that you might have overlooked. We observe market trends on the daily and easily see which marketing initiatives are working best at any particular time.

We have the correct tools for the job

Digital marketing is mostly about optimization and automation. Developing the correct tools is simply what oil is to an engine. You gain the advantage of having all of these customized suites of tools which saves you a lot of money and time compared to DIY-ing it.

We save you time and money

The whole point of hiring is to save yourself time which would’ve been spent on training your in-house team along with thousands of dollars in resources. Hiring 011 digital gains you an opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business that need your full attention, be it taxes, working on the company database or even effectiveness of day to day operations. You’ll finally be able to attend to it now.


Our digital marketing experts is trained to specialize in fields of Digital marketing that propel your company forward. From SEO experts, Google Gurus and Copywriters, we’ll set up a team that’ll solely focus on launching your business into better returns on investment whatever your budget. This, of course, goes much deeper than just coming up with fresh ideas.

We help you save on marketing costs

The prospect of searching out a qualified in-house digital marketing team sounds endearing but the costs involved can be quite off-putting. 011 digital comes ready with the full package of specialties and a minimal amount as an investment. This will also get the job done earlier, faster and definitely competently.


We Are Workaholics

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Under menu simply go click service and choose the service you need and order now button under the package you need and follow the steps till you make payment and we will take it from there.

If we do not deliver the promised results we will pay you back 100% of the amount paid no questions asked

We accept card payments, paypal, Ecocash(zim only) EFT(RSA only), Masterpass(RSA only), Mobicred – credit(RSA only)

You pay before we start working on your campaign or your job.

Yes of course we can give you a customized package to suit your needs, budget and target market

In all the services which we offer. We do have senior team who are more talented and qualified then the junior team who are qualified and experienced but less than the senior team. The senior team are for enterprise clients while the junior team are for small business. We also spent more time and money on enterprise customers than small business