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Website design company

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Website Design Prices & Packages

Website design Prices

  • 1p Small business R1500
  • 1p Enterprise R8000
  • 5p Small business R3500
  • 5p Enterprise R16000
  • 10p small business R6000
  • 10p Enterprise R26000
  • 20p small business R11000
  • 20p Enterprise R46000

ECommerce Website Design Prices

  • 1p Small business R5500
  • 1p Enterprise R22000
  • 5p Small business R7500
  • 5p Enterprise R30000
  • 10p small business R10000
  • 10p Enterprise R40000
  • 20p small business R15000
  • 20p Enterprise R60000

Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

The difference is the logo designers who designs the logo. The enterprise designers are more talented and experienced than the small business logo designers. And we spend more time on enterprise logo designs than on small business logo designs

Because 011 digital logo designers create logo designs that are unique, memorable and easy to trust at a very affordable price

First step:
You order and pay
Second step:
We research your target market
Third step: We come up with different concepts
Fourth step: We choose final concepts to present to you
Fifth step:
We do revisions
Sixth step: You approve
Last step: You rate our service and claim your 10% cash back

Your logo takes 2 - 5 working days if it is for small business and takes 3 - 7 working days if it is for an enterprise

To choose your package and order click here

Small business logo R999
Enterprise logo R8999

7 characteristics of a great logo are
1. Memorable
2. Relevant
3. Simple
4. Unique
5. Versatile
6. Impactful
7. Scalable

The main purpose of a logo is to visually communicate the unique identity of the brand and what the brand represents.

A bad logo is a logo that is confusing, poor recognition, murky, over complex etc

To copyright your logo is to have an exclusive right to protect your logo from being misused or copied

There are 7 types of logos:
Monogram logos
The emblem
Abstract logo marks
Pictorial marks
The combination mark

Yes you do. If you don't want other people to copy or misuse your logo design

Our low pricing is a result of many things. The list includes: specializing, reliable systems, advertising cost cut, meeting costs cut, low rentals across Africa

Website design is the production of websites using code and graphics

Website development is the production of websites using graphics and mainly code.

Website design is more into the frontend website design mainly using DIY softwares while development refers mainly to the backend development using code.

Why 011 digital Website Design?

Website design

Do you need a logo that set you apart from your competition? If you do?
011 digital logo design is exactly what you need.

Their logo designers have 73 combined years of experience
designing logos. Trust them with your brand for their track record and portfolio speaks for them

Web design

We have lowered our logo design prices.
Small business logo design from R1500 now R999. While enterprise logo design from R15000 now R8999

PricesLogo design prices varies mainly based on the quality and who the company that created the logo. However cheap is very expensive. Why I am I saying so? The answer is simple. A poor logo chases the prospects while a professional logo attracts prospects like a magnet. So don’t consider cheaper logo design prices but the quality of the logo.

Cheap is expensive.

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