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Why 011 digital UX DESIGNERS

User eXperience as it is normally shortened is the process of manipulating user behaviour through usability usefulness and desirability provided in the interaction with a product using user behaviour analytics tools such as Cookies to state one example.

User Behaviour Analytics tools use a specialized type of security analytics that focus on the behaviour of systems and people using them. In marketing, it helps companies understand and predict consumer-buying patterns.

The world has become digital, therefore brands can now create websites which work to market their products on social media. User Experience design uses a number of strategies to drive traffic to the website, ensure that the website interface is user friendly, enhance the experience of the potential customer who is visiting the website and ultimately convert the user into a customer. UX goes a step further in continuously developing the website to ensure that it remains relevant in the much changing world that we live in today. Hence, UX provides a form of after-sale service which is valuable in the growth of businesses all over.

Elements of User Experience Design

  • Research on computer-human interaction. The designer has to understand the end-user and empathise with them to yield the best results.
  • Visual design- user interface design, graphic design, aesthetics and symbols which make up the website.
  • Information architecture – laying out the information in a way that ensures the most relevant material catches the eye of the user and that the task is clear to them which ensures a smooth conversion of the user into a customer
  • Usability
  • Web content accessibility guidelines which covers a wide range of recommendations for making web content more accessible

User experience design is about designing to meet the user’s needs as the user behaviour analytics tools would have identified site visitors’ patterns and customer preferences. It addresses all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

How does UX design work?

Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes, services and environments with focus on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. It works hand in hand with User Interface design. User interface is what one sees when they visit a certain website, which is the layout of the website, the graphic design and symbols on the site as well as how users can manoeuvre around it. User Experience design is then used to give feedback of the success of the website in marketing the product and/or services provided but most importantly, areas which need improvement as well as recommendations. This will ensure that the website is constantly being modified so that it works at its optimum. In the general sense, User experience is a person’s emotion and attitude about using a particular product system or service. It includes practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. It also includes a person’s perception of the site’s aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency. It is important to note that user experience varies dynamically and is constantly modifying over time due to changing usage circumstances. Influences on user experience may include the user’s state as well as their previous experience from the same or similar sites, system properties, that is the interface and usability of the website and also the usage context (phone, tablet or laptop). Overally, user experience is also influenced by factors outside the actual interaction episode: brand, pricing, friend’s opinions, reports in media. User experience design ensures that almost all influencing factors are manipulated to the advantage of the business instead of against it. UX is also interested in understanding the long-term relation between the user experience and product appreciation. The industry sees good overall user experience with a company’s products as critical for securing brand loyalty and enhancing the growth of the customer base.

Main factors that 011 digital UX designers will do

011 Digital UX designers will concentrate mainly on these top factors to ensure that you get the most out of user experience designing for your website:

  • Usefulness of the interface

  • Usability of the interface

  • Findable – it will help with SEO (search engine optimisation), ensuring that users find your website quicker when they search for it or similar websites. UX analyses the bounce rate as to why certain user are not clicking on to your website and the time on site of the user.

  • Desirable – this is where user interface design comes into play, designing the best graphics, images and symbols for your site to be attractive.

  • Credible – customer retention is important as these are the people who will attract a lot of referrals to your site.

  • Accessible – can users access what they need easily and flexibly on the site?

  • Valuable – is the site working at the optimum conversion rate? Is it making the money that it was intended for?

Does Your Business Need User Experience Design?

If you have embarked on the journey of Social Media Marketing then you definitely need User Experience Design as it will be like the sales representative you never had. Not only will it serve your clients well, it will give your further information about your target market as well as recommendations on how you can enhance your conversion rate. Information is power and the use of UX and its numerous analytics tools can gather this information from you. The power of UX is that the website works and it works well! The cyclic nature of user experience design ensures that your website evolves timeously with the needs of your target market, a necessity if you are to grow your business.

Why You Need 011 digital UX Designers?

User Experience Design is user-centred. It asks WHY, WHAT, HOW to ensure that your business continues to move forward.


These are the motivations and values/views of the user. Why did they visit the site? Why did they buy? Why did they fail to buy? Why did a number of users spend that amount of time on the site? Why the website could be experiencing a high bounce rate on search engines? All these questions and more are answered by UX.


This focuses on the functionality and features of your site. What is being sold? What is the goal of the website and is it clear to the user?


This looks at the accessibility and aesthetics of the website over and over again. How the user manoeuvres the site is constantly improved an aesthetics are developed through graphic images, visuals and symbols. You also need UX as much as you need UI because something that looks great but is difficult to use will not do your business any good. Alternatively something that is very usable but looks terrible will not attract the maximum clients that you would need.

Benefits of 011 digital UX designers to you

User interface design feedback

It ensures that your website visitors have a pleasant intuitive and smooth interaction with your website. It also gives feedback on changes that can be made to improve it. UX designers at 011 Digital provide research and feedback to your company about your target market and how best to appeal to them

High conversion rate

It is a huge factor in customer engagement leading to higher sales . When a website has great UX Design, something which 011 Digital will do for you, the task to your websites goal become clear and simple. We will ensure that relevant information presents itself to the users clearly and concisely hence directing them to buy the product or the service, which is the goal of the website as a whole.

Maintaining good customer service

011 Digital UX designers will maintain a form of good customer service by pinpointing problems that your website customer needs to solve, which creates value for your site.

The sales representative you need for your product

Your website has to be your sales representative, something 011 Digital ensures that we will do for your website. The home page greets the customer and the interface has to answer all questions while also showing them the next step in the tone that your business represents.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Increases your rankings in search engine results. Google measures bounce rate and time on site using this to determine whether or not something the users clicked on gave them what they were looking for. A site which is not frustrating to use will likely convert visitors into customers quicker 88% of users are less likely to return to a website if they have had a bad experience.

Visual Design.

First impressions are 94% design related. Over 65% of the population are visual learners so you will benefit from the graphics and images.


It makes your site responsive no matter where it is viewed from, that is, tablets, phones or computers. A web page that is not optimised for phones and tablets will reduce your chances of success.

An advantage over Support costs

By getting UX services from 011 Digital, we help you to lower costs of having a website support team and reduces development time. The website is not constantly under reconstruction or closed for maintenance purposes.

Customer Retention

Increases customer loyalty and retention because if users enjoy your site, they are more likely to become loyal customers. This also helps with adding to your market through referrals. User Experience design by 011 Digital seeks to develop the experience of a product, service or event along the use of the following dimensions: Duration – time on site from initiation, immersion, conclusion as well as continuation of visits to the site. Intensity – frequency of the visits to the sites by which target market? Is it by reflex, habit, or engagement? Breadth – presentation of products or services; their promotion and prices Interaction with users – whether passive, active or interactive Triggers – human senses, concepts, symbols. The site has to trigger the target market and more. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Hire 011 Digital designers now for UX services and allow us to maximise your website to its full potential.

011 digital UX designers Testimonials

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Believe it or not. 011 digital over marketed us. In a way that we failed to manage the traffic 011 digital was sending to our site. Out of 10 emails we managed to reply only to 1. The product was good but the company had no capacity to grow at the same rate with our marketing. And hellopeter.com was filled with bad reviews. As a result we had to close doors. I do recommend 011 digital as the best marketing company I have come across.
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We approached 011 digital in 2013. We were having around 15 clients who where giving us around R15 000 in profits which was not enough. As we wanted to grow our clientele basis. And profits. 011 digital managed to rank us first on our main keywords including "calendar printing". From 15 clients we went up to 67 clients including the foot brand Footgear. Our profits raised from R11 000 per month to 357 000 per month in 2 years. From October to January we are now making R3m on average in gross sales. All thanks to 011 digital.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee
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We were ranking around around 99. And our visibility was less than 1% in the printing industry. And now we are ranking 1st on almost every keyword in printing. I will forever grateful to 011 digital. And will always recommend you guys to my friends as long as they are not in printing.

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