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Professional Copywriting

Copywriting services that specializes in professional copywriting services that converts, persuasive, improves SEO. Blogging, web content, press releases, content copywriting services, email writing, seo copywriting services, article writing etc

Sales copy Blog post  Web content Press release Seo copywriting Proof reading
150 words R300 R200 R300 R200 R300 R0.25 per word
300 words R400 R300 R400 R300 R400 R0.25 per word
600 words R700 R400 R700 R400 R700 R0.25 per word
1000 words R1 000 R700 R1 000 R700 R1 000 R0.25 per word
2000 words R1 800 R1 000 R1 800 R1 000 R1 800 R0.25 per word
Email writing Product description Conversion optimization News article Manual Content writing
150 words R300 R300 R0.40 per word R200 R200 R200
300 words R400 R400 R0.40 per word R300 R300 R300
600 words R700 R700 R0.40 per word R400 R400 R400
1000 words R1 000 R1 000 R0.40 per word R700 R700 R700
2000 words R1 800 R1 800 R0.40 per word R1 000 R1 000 R1 000
Content type

Sales copy, Blog post, Web content, Press release, Seo copywriting, Email writing, Product description, News article, Manual

Word count

150 words, 300 words, 600 words, 1000 words, 2000 words


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