Professional Logo Design Company now R999 | Enterprise R9999

Logo Design now R999

Professional logo design company;. Small Biz R999 was R1500 | Enterprise R8999 was R15000. Unlimited changes, 10% cash back, 97% satisfaction rate by talented and experienced logo designers

Professional logo

011 digital creates a professional logo design that builds trust and set you apart from your competition.

Affordable prices

Small business logo design price was R1500 now R999. While enterprise logo design price was R15000 now R8999

Custom Logo

011 digital's professional and custom logo design is unique and sticks in the mind of your prospects

10% cash back

All 011 digital logo design packages comes with a 10% cash back. How amazing is that? Cool right?

Many Logo concepts

After a thorough research of your target market. They come up with many concepts for you to choose from.

Unlimited revisions

After you choose your favorite logo design concept. You can then ask for unlimited revisions of your choice.

Logo designs
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011 digital

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Logo Design Portfolio

Who Logo Design is for?

Logo Design Testimonials

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Believe it or not. 011 digital over marketed us. In a way that we failed to manage the traffic 011 digital was sending to our site. Out of 10 emails we managed to reply only to 1. The product was good but the company had no capacity to grow at the same rate with our marketing. And was filled with bad reviews. As a result we had to close doors. I do recommend 011 digital as the best marketing company I have come across.
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We approached 011 digital in 2013. We were having around 15 clients who where giving us around R15 000 in profits which was not enough. As we wanted to grow our clientele basis. And profits. 011 digital managed to rank us first on our main keywords including "calendar printing". From 15 clients we went up to 67 clients including the foot brand Footgear. Our profits raised from R11 000 per month to 357 000 per month in 2 years. From October to January we are now making R3m on average in gross sales. All thanks to 011 digital.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee
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We were ranking around around 99. And our visibility was less than 1% in the printing industry. And now we are ranking 1st on almost every keyword in printing. I will forever grateful to 011 digital. And will always recommend you guys to my friends as long as they are not in printing.

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Logo Design Prices & Packages

Small Business

Professional Logo Design

R1450 R 999
  • 3 Concepts
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3 Portrait versions
  • 3 Landscape versions
  • 6 1 color versions
  • Open file, png, jpg, pdf
  • R100 cash back
  • Concept Research
  • By Small Business designers
Special offer


Professional Logo Design

R15000 R 8999
  • 5 Concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 5 Portrait versions
  • 5 Landscape versions
  • 10 1 color versions
  • Open file, png, jpg, pdf
  • R900 cash back
  • Concept Research
  • By Enterprise designers
Special offer

Why 011 digital Professional Logo Design?

Logo Design

Let’s create a kick-ass first impression with your logo design. With too much visual traffic online, it is essential that the face of your business stand out. Our logo design experts deliver exactly that. Plus a ‘wow’ factor that’ll make your brand logo instantly recognizable. 011 digital is one of the best logo design company.

If you haven’t already started on branding then congratulations, this is the first step. Your decision to follow through with allowing us to handle the construction of your company logo also seals in the benefits. Such as the projection of a professional image plus high return on your investment.

You shouldn’t have to bother with the process of getting formats of your logo design to fit into various social media platforms, we’ll cater to every variation. It then becomes a compelling task to find a logo designer fit enough to affect the difference between sinking interest and instant success in sales! At 011 digital, our pool of design experts create logos that are strategy-driven and packaged in a range of different packages to choose from.

Getting an effective logo design goes beyond using a generic one that has been spewed out by an online logo maker.  The colors, shapes and overall outlook require critical thinking that is important in representing your brand properly. Order now, a logo that propels your business ideals and is in line with design trends.

Do you need a logo that set you apart from your competition? If you do? 011 digital logo design is exactly what you need. Their logo designers have 73 combined years of experience designing logos. Trust them with your brand for their track record and portfolio speaks for them

Logo Design prices

We have lowered our logo design prices.
Small business logo design from R1500 now R999. While enterprise logo design from R15000 now R8999

PricesLogo design prices varies mainly based on the quality and who the company that created the logo. However cheap is very expensive. Why I am I saying so? The answer is simple. A poor logo chases the prospects while a professional logo attracts prospects like a magnet. So don’t consider cheaper logo design prices but the quality of the logo.

Cheap is expensive.

Company Logo Design

Logo Designer

Logo Design Companies

Professional Logo Design

Logo Design Packages

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Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

A logo design is a graphic design, letters, emblem, or symbol that represents a company

Small business logo R999
Enterprise logo R8999

The difference is the logo designers who designs the logo. The enterprise designers are more talented and experienced than the small business logo designers. And we spend more time on enterprise logo designs than on small business logo designs

Because 011 digital logo designers create logo designs that are unique, memorable and easy to trust at a very affordable price

First step:
You order and pay
Second step:
We research your target market
Third step: We come up with different concepts
Fourth step: We choose final concepts to present to you
Fifth step:
We do revisions
Sixth step: You approve
Last step: You rate our service and claim your 10% cash back

Your logo takes 2 - 5 working days if it is for small business and takes 3 - 7 working days if it is for an enterprise

To choose your package and order click here

7 characteristics of a great logo are
1. Memorable
2. Relevant
3. Simple
4. Unique
5. Versatile
6. Impactful
7. Scalable

The main purpose of a logo is to visually communicate the unique identity of the brand and what the brand represents.

A bad logo is a logo that is confusing, poor recognition, murky, over complex etc

To copyright your logo is to have an exclusive right to protect your logo from being misused or copied

There are 7 types of logos:
Monogram logos
The emblem
Abstract logo marks
Pictorial marks
The combination mark

Yes you do. If you don't want other people to copy or misuse your logo design

Our low pricing is a result of many things. The list includes: specializing, reliable systems, advertising cost cut, meeting costs cut, low rentals across Africa

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Logo Design in

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