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Digital marketing includes:

Digital marketing course requirements

Digital marketing course
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This Digital marketing course is for:

Are you...?

  • Are you a business and want to grow your brand online?
  • Are you an entrepreneur and would like to work from anywhere?
  • Are you interested in growing brands online and driving traffic to websites?
  • Would you like to boost sales online?
  • Are you young and would like to develop your own career?

If You Say Yes to Any of These Questions then this Digital Marketing Course is For YOU

Gone are the days when everything was in print, the world has evolved and there is upsurge in the use of Digital Marketing. As a millennium I decided I could do this social media thing. Everyone was doing it and somewhere making money but there was no action on my pages.

I posted everyday but my pages were still not growing. For years there was no engagement whatsoever. I was not reaching my expected numbers and began to wonder if I was doing the right thing.

I researched a lot and asked people who were thriving at it and there it was, Digital Marketing. I took up a Digital Marketing Course that breaks down when and how you can use social media strategies that get engagement and today I work from home earning money from working online with various brands.
Since the world began evolving from Print to digital we researched a lot on social media and social media strategies that work. We discovered that there is a lot more other than Facebook or Twitter.

A lot comes into play when talking about Digital Marketing e.g content creation, social media marketing, and content marketing, SEO, paid Search, Email Marketing and more. With this Digital Marketing Course one can effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. You are guaranteed brand visibility and an increase in sales.
Digital Marketing is a marketing done online using mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube etc. It is used to market products and grow a brand or business’s visibility online.

It is all about brand marketing tactics via online channels.

A Digital Marketing Course is a program that enables you to learn how to use social media and latest technologies to market businesses and grow brands.

Within the course one learns everything there is to know about Digital Marketing and after completion can pick a focus area.
Digital Marketing is the in thing and you cannot afford not knowing a single thing about Digital marketing.

Digital marketing skills have become as necessary as knowing the English language to communicate. People who have started learning digital marketing have realised that digital marketing skills can be applied to any type of job therefore this digital marketing course is just for you.

This is a skill you should have regardless of your job type. It applies to anything and everything. Truth of the matter is, you cannot ignore it.
The good thing about this digital marketing course is that you will learn everything there is to know about it. The bonus is that after completion you can be directed on what you can do with and how. Most people may struggle with application but 011 Digital will drive you in the right direction.

One of the good thing you will discover after this digital marketing course is that you can choose to embark on your personal career.

You will also learn that you can work from anywhere because your job based online.

Yes, Digital marketing course benefits can help you in getting a better salary this is the most fascinating advantage of digital marketing course.

Since the extent of digital marketing is expanding; it will influence the financial limits of people. The interest and supply for advanced professionals are conversely relative to one another. The interest is more and the stock being small.

This case will demonstrate productive to the employees. In the event that you have a more grounded range of abilities and expertise, you can hold discusses on the salary matter and get the best package.
You may be asking yourself why you should study with us. The answer is simple. We have mastered the art of Digital Marketing and can bring out the creative in you that you probably did not know existed.

We will help you explore and pick your strengths that you can the actively work on and polish up.
As 011 Digital we are the experts at this and after studying this digital marketing course will view the online world with different lenses.

We will also offer you certification that is recognized worldwide after completion of the course.
Besides being the best offering this digital marketing course we are easy on the pocket. Our digital marketing course is very affordable and worth taking up as it is recognized worldwide and can help you in landing a job at your dream company.

Ever thought of working for google? Enticing right, then 011 Digital Academy is the place to be.
Anyone can run a digital marketing campaign but it need someone knowledgeable about the field and skilled. Number 1 secret to running a digital marketing campaign that will go viral is creating and publishing good content that is relevant to the target audience.

See what I did there, mentioned 3 key things.
  • Creating Good Content
Quality is key here. It may be articles, videos, images, emails they have to be of top notch quality.

  • Creating Relevant Content
Your content needs to be relevant and relatable. Follow what’s trending and use it to your advantage.
  • Having a target audience
Know who you are talking to online, what they want to see, hear and need.
This offer is ends soon.

This is the best time to embark on a digital marketing course. Digital Marketing has become a priority and it is rather embarrassing not knowing a single thing about right now. If you didn’t know then hear it now, this is the best time to make money online.

The cherry on top is that you can do this all on your own but that is after taking up the Digital Marketing Course with 011 Digital Academy.

Here is what other graduates had to Say

Business owner Uganda
Business owner Uganda
Francis Namubiru
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“011 digital has really set the bar for online learning. I was stuck in a dead-end job that had very little movement left and decided to take the Digital Marketing course to see if it would be a good career change for me. 011 made it easy to learn a new skill set while still working a full-time job. Their tutorials and learning courses were informative and gave you a good sense of what to expect as a Digital Marketer. I could tell they really put in a lot of thought when mapping out the course and the assigned advisor was a great touch. If you are unsure about a career move but want to try something new, 011 digital courses just might be right for you. The courses are convenient, affordable, and really designed to give you a feel as to what to expect in that field.”
Hannah Moyo
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“With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, this course helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in the marketing field. I have already enrolled myself into the digital marketing course.”
Luan Sasman
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“I opted for 011 digital due to 3 major factors: flexibility it provides to working professionals; concept coverage, the course gives you a complete understanding of all the concepts required to make you a complete digital marketer; and industry affiliation, the course was updated regularly and aligned to industry requirements.”
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“The course content is really excellent, with plenty of support from 011 digital academy instructors. The teaching style was rich, engaging and fun. There's a lot to cover, but the pacing was perfect for me and the topics were at the cutting edge of digital marketing…”

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