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Ugh! We bet the Grammar Nazi in you wants to snatch that ‘s’ out of the word and tear it to bits?

Spoken like a true copywriter! Being absolutely picky and careful with words and their syntax is something we all have in common as writers. Our insatiable lust for grammatical ultraprecision in spellings and grammar means the world doesn’t only turn topsy-turvy when our fellow humans err. We take it to the heart.

If you’ve said or thought “I love writing” then this is your chance to turn that natural talent into a full-on professional career. Don’t worry, you’re in safe, lucrative hands. Copywriting is a multi-million dollar industry that continuously has a high demand for skilled talent.

Has built 011 Digital from the ground up along with my other businesses. This is because, at the core, I am a copywriter before I am an SEO specialist or digital marketer. From being a poor village boy struggling to make it with the big fish in the big city, intensely thorough research made me hit the jackpot!

I invested in setting up a team of 37 to make sure we didn’t miss the mark on anything. Soon enough the results quickly turned consistent.

Having set up a company that was quickly exceeding our expectations by ranking high (first page on Google Search) through competent SEO and relevant keywords we went on to open another and another. All are at peak function today but what was the bait that made it all come alive?

First things first, virality is not an enchanted, impromptu blast that ‘just’ happens. There’s a lot of planning, scheming, and money that goes into the process till something goes ‘viral’.

Popular artists such as Beyonce are a perfect example of how this works when one looks at her albums.

011 Digital has viral experts that work day and night to monitor social and market trends ready to pounce on to the freshest and juiciest kill. As a social media marketing company, we’ve likely worked with businesses such as yours and can, therefore, guarantee results. If you prefer to go it alone then we’ve got something else.

Pretty self-telling. A copywriting course dissects the nitty-gritty of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads & promotional materials) in the frame of reference of marketing with the aim to persuade the customer to take an action on a product/service being offered. These skills do not, however, merely pop up as you are typing furiously on your keyboard.

To get the most out of any field, some training is required. Nothing too steep or time-consuming but always worth the time spent. Quite unlike, editorial work or other writing gigs, copywriting focuses on the persuasion and influence of a customer as they navigate around the internet.

The magic comes in the fact that whilst a sales team reaches customers one at a time...a copywriter reaches all of them at once through email campaigns, blogs, sales letters, and ad campaigns to mention a few.

This is specifically what students who take up copywriting courses learn to do. With so many courses to pick from online, it’s important to pick one that will drastically enhance the little information one already has. At 011 Digital, our copywriting course has been thoughtfully set up with professionals in mind. In doing so, it caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. This means that you are never too knowledgeable to take up the course because the field is ever-changing and the playing rules keep shifting. We’re here to assist you in upping your game. You may feel like this isn’t necessary because you’re already a brilliant marketer but anyone in marketing and sales should learn the vital process of using words and creating content.

At 011 Digital Academy, our instructors are real copywriters who understand the minds of audiences and know how to play around with the part of their mind which draws them to particular brands. Simply typing out a clever caption is never enough when it comes to engagement and actually converting customers.

Our course covers all of the big factors that matter, including social media etiquette, keywords, link building, and visual content mastery. You’ll also learn about blogging, SEO, and tools that will make your marketing more effective. It’s an online course that makes it easier for you to learn at your own convenience uninterrupted. The instructors are also readily available to give you live support whenever you come across any hiccups. Learning has never been this easy and fun in the form of reading material, short entertaining animated videos coupled with assignments and quizzes to keep you sharp. We update our material monthly so you can rest assured that you’re getting up-to-the-minute guidance. After you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to practice as a copywriter in your organization or simply offer it as a service to your clients as a freelancer.

We could all do with a little extra cash in our pockets and taking this course can sky-rocket your prospects leading you to a pretty lucrative income channel. We’ve got more! Building lasting relationships is important to us and since we’re led by a team of expert professionals in the field, they continue to support you in marketing your businesses even after you’ve completed the course!. Just to let you in on a little secret: all the strategies that we teach have been tried and tested on our smallest and biggest clients. This means that we’re giving you practical ideas that we have evidence works again and again.

If this isn’t convincing enough for you then head on over to our student’s reviews to get insider feedback on those that took the course and completed it. 011 Digital prides itself in not only telling you about copywriting but helping you get started too! This is a massive career boost when done right.

011 Digital’s copywriting course takes a unique approach as compared to other copywriting academies. For one it takes you through the core elements needed in creating and finally delivering content that is engaging for the target audience.

In this way, you won’t have to go through the agony of sitting through boring hours of mouthful jargon but rather actionable ideas. The course has also been daintily polished by successful experts in the field who give guidance that they have tried and tested in their own marketing endeavors. If you thought we’d started on the advantages then brace yourself for all the reasons why this course is a superb investment!

All the practice and reading material you’ll find within the course is strategized to make sure you grasp a number of concepts at lightning speed. Worksheets (cheatsheets too) and a couple of real-life examples are included to make sure the lessons are even more vivid in your mind. No time-wasting just to make the course look bigger.

No matter whatever hiccups you may encounter, our team of instructors is always on standby to make sure all your queries are clarified. This is helpful also when you’re facing a learning burn-out. They help with alternative ways to approach the course material to keep you engaged and motivated.

Conversations in business are what grease is to an engine. Well, copy is an even bigger and murky grease but the good kind. The trick is knowing how to start (and end) conversations that not only engage but also convert. The bottom-line of any business is to make money and the 011 Digital academy teaches you exactly how to make use of keywords to manipulate search engines like Google. Copywriting is also a skill you can use across industries to earn more but that’s a secret to keep!

It yields results. Isn’t that the only reason you should sign up for any course? Well, 011 Digital offers a course that has changed the lives of those that join it. The reviews below could give you an idea.

Our copywriting course is specially formulated by experts for professionals meaning it’ll give you ample time to function in your normal business routine and still empower yourself on the side. There. It’s comfortable and allows productivity regardless.

Because we value relationships, we also instill the same values in the strategies taught in our course. How’s that for a sneaky but helpful customer service mini-training. Other academies will stick to their guns and dish out definitions coupled with instructions on what to write. We teach you how to connect, establish loyalty in your content strategies and copy then raise sales.

As said, results are the stronger proof of effectiveness other than any marketing gibberish we can dish out to you.

Would you rather go with generic free quizzes spewed out of the internet and hope to maybe hit the jackpot in a few years or just put in the work on a tried-and-tested method that gives results as you are learning?

We know which option we’d go with.

If you’re still lured by the prospects of just “posting based on muse” or “writing a bunch of guest posts”, stop reading right now.

011 Digital’s courses also help you with networking and collaboration. Our alumni comprise of students that are CEOs, marketers and even bankers. This pool of talent at your pedestal may become your next client or even employer. We also help you get set up for remote work which is a really big deal currently.

All examples used throughout the course are in the form of Case studies on existing businesses or those that have failed. This will make your learning experience vivid and relatable. Also on this note, there are not that many copywriting courses that end and still give you experts on call who will help you market your business long after you’ve completed.

  • Are you a marketing agency that wants to blow your clients away with outstanding copy resulting in engagement, loyalty, and higher sales? Then 011 Digital Academy’s copywriting course is PERFECT for you.
  • Are you a small business owner that wants to generate more traffic, leads, and sales from search?  011 Digital Academy’s copywriting course is PERFECT for you.
  • Are you an affiliate marketer that wants more commissions? 011 Digital Academy’s copywriting course is PERFECT for you.
  • Are you a freelance writer, graphic designer or web designer that wants more high-paying clients reaching out? 011 Digital Academy’s copywriting course is PERFECT for you.
  • If you said “yes” to any of these questions keep reading so you can learn exactly what you’ll get from your investment in 011 Digital Academy’s copywriting course.

To get to the top, big (and usually quick) decisions have to be made. Plus really, this course won’t stay this cheap 🙂

Putting off this decision could have you missing out on a couple of limited premium bonuses and course extras.

Copywriting work also takes years to gain brand authority and have quality clients endorsing your skills. Your competitors will easily have an edge of time and trust against you.

Signing up now means you get instant access to the course, and whatever additions are made will come at no extra cost.

This Copywriting course includes:

Copywriting course requirements

Seo course
SEO course certificate example

This Copywriting course is for:

Copywriting course modules

  • Most Important Elements of Copywriting
  • Get to Know Your Audience
  • Places You Can Do Research
  • Enter Their Reality
  • Questions to Help You Enter Someone’s Reality
  • Tell them what to do
  • Storytelling formulas
  • Persuasive formulas
  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • The role of emotion – even in the B2B environment
  • Needs / wants / emotions)
  • Real-life examples
  • Create a persona for consistent & targeted tone of voice blogging
  • Features, benefits and advantages

Persuasive Tactics

Copywriting Blunders to Avoid


Copywriting for B2B vs B2C

Seo copywriting

  • Web content writing
  • Copywriting for landing pages

Press release copywriting


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Copywriting course testimonials

Hotel marketing manager
Hotel marketing manager
Kristol Chantel
Read More
“Very quick turnaround time for grading assignments and some great constructive feedback. For anyone new to social media, or for someone who wants to build their social media knowledge, this is an excellent starting point.”
Social media marketer
Social media marketer
Jermaine Kondo
Read More
“It was good to learn some new things. The tutorial support was excellent; the instructors were always on hand to help me out when I didn’t understand. The course content was very good. I learned lots of things, too many to list. All was good.”
Instagram influencer
Instagram influencer
Read More
“The social media marketing course exceeded my expectations. The tutor support was fantastic and each section of the course was clearly laid out and easy to read. I very much enjoyed this course and I will be recommending your courses.”
Founder at Proxel international
Founder at Proxel international
L. Mbidzo
Read More
“Each section of the social media marketing course was invaluable to the job I am doing. Some areas were covering ground I was familiar with but it was good to know that I was doing this right! Other areas were new to me and so I particularly enjoyed learning these as it gave me more strings to my bow.”

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